Jackson Concept JSX 94

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description Strat bodied, 22 fret, rosewood fretboard, H/S/S pickup configuration, Jackson Liscensed Floyd Rose, Jackson signature Pickups
Posted By Kevin Peace (138)
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On 8/16/2002, Kevin Peace (138) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall, I love this guitar!!!! I bought this one used, and it has put 3 american made models back in their cases!!! The Humbucker is a lil on the weak side for anything other than a really hard crunchy distortion. The Jackson Lisc. Floyd isnt really all that bad once you get the feel for it (Im used to 'real' floyds) and the 500k pots are a must to get the muddiness out of the tone with a hotter pickup. I love the feel and balance of the guitar, and with the Dimarzio pickup, it has an incredible sound. Overall, it is gonna take one heck of a guitar to get me out of this Japanese Jackson!!!
Model Year: 1994
Price: $240.00
Where Obtained: Private Seller
This is a Japanese made Jackson Strat bodied Guitar, made of an Alder body, Maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. 1 J-65 Humbucker, and 2 J-130 Single coil pickups. 22 Med/Jumbo Frets, 1 volume & 1 Tone pot, 5 way selector switch on Passive electronichs. Opaque paint finishes originally offered in Bright Red, Black, or Dark Metallic Blue. It has a Jackson Liscensed Double Locking Floyd Bridge, with Shaller Style Jackson Non-locking Tuners
The Neck is SUPER thin with the nice wide F-spacing and very fast. The neck frets really nice all the way thru the upper registers with no fret buzz, intonation is right on, Plays better than my Pre-Gibson Kramer American Pacers, and American Fat Strat.
Sound Quality:
I currently play thru a Digitech RP-10 effects console, and a Samson Servo 170 power amp thru a 4x12 cab. The overall tone was on the weak side with the stock J-65 humbucker, but the J-130 singles had nice tone, so I swapped out the J-65 humbucker for a Dimarzio Tone Zone, and installed 500 ohm pots (for presense). Tone wise, in a stock configuration, it is pretty much singled out as a Rock/Metal guitar, but with the Dimarzio (set up to split and use the south pole in the neck position) it really has some nice jazz warmth, attack, and presense. As well as having the ability to split the HB in the Bridge position and attaining a really sweet strat tone.
It is a rock solid built Import guitar, that can be picked up reasonably priced (I gave $240 for mine in June/2002 in near mint condition) I play the living haities out of it, and adjustments are confined to when i do string changes. Intonation has been dead on since day 1. It has oversized strap buttons on it stock, which feel pretty sturdy, but, as i did, switch over to a nice set of Schaller (which is what i use) or dunlop strap locks.