Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description M-2 stle body. Dual EMG-81 pickups. 24 extra jumbo frets. Double-locking origional Floyd-Rose tremolo. Skull & crossbone inlays on rosewood fretboard.
Posted By Adrian Bilitch (8)
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Member Reviews

On 8/15/2002, Adrian Bilitch (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've looked at other guitars or different brands and found this one to be the premium choice. If i had to replace this guitar I would snatch another one up in a heartbeat. It would hopfully be the same but newer. My favorite aspect is the ability to play many styles as this guitar could take almost any style playability-wise. To me there is no worst aspect. This guitar just flatout rocks. It will make you very happ.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $1500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend catalog
Made in U.S.A. I think alder body with maple neck & rosewood fretboard. 6 strings with 24 extra-jumbo frets. Two volume knobs, one tone knob, and 3-way toggle switch. Two EMG-81 pickups(H/H). Active electronics. Black finish. Double cutaway. Origional Floyd-Rose double-locking tremolo setup. Non-locking tuners.
The bridge height can be adjusted. This changes the action. The neck is extremely comfertable as it is thin yet not too thin. Only the Ibanez JEM7V has a better feel. The design is nearly flawless.
Sound Quality:
I run this guitar through either my Fender 112 Plus or my Line 6 Flextone II HD half stack. The guitar is great for hard rock to thrash metal. You can sort of use the guitar for some hard blues. The sound is bright for lead playing. Compared to most other guitars, this one has a voice that is clear and well pronounced. This instrument is fine as it is. Although the pickups are pretty hot, this guitar is very hush hush. It's good for all around use.
This guitar is one tough bastard. It has been dropped a few times and its still alive. Once you've set the guitar up, you never have to do anything again. The knobs are held on by tightening a screw in the knob. Eventualy the screw will rattle loose and the knob falls off. You can still turn the controlls the knobs fall off of though. Climate changes; not a problem.