Danelectro Chromatic Stage Tuner

Floor Unit

Made by Danelectro

Description A cheap Chromatic Tuner for those on a budget.
Posted By Rob Carraher (1756)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 7/31/2002, Rob Carraher (1756) posted:
Overall Rating:
Hey, it's decent, i'll give it that. But if you're looking for a GOOD tuner, stay away from this.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $40.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
It has a back-lit display (Very cheap, as well.), no knobs or buttons, and it's not very accurate. Enough info?
Sound Quality:
Is there a sound quality to a tuner? I don't think so...
Ease of Use:
Easy. Step 1 - Step. Step 2 - Tune. Done.
Dano? Not durable, it'll last you 6-7 months tops.