Description Hands down the best radio station in Viginia. They specialize in alternative, metal, punk, and rock. The Mike and Bob show starring Mike Powers and Bob Fresh in the afternoon is hilarious, nothing is sacred in your face comedy and great music.
Posted By Destry White (521)
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On 8/15/2002, Destry White (521) posted:
Overall Rating:
Incredibly fun station to listen to, you never know what will come out of these DJ's faces next. All the great bands come to the Hampton Roads area and guess who has all the info and tickets? On Sundays you can listen to three hours of straight punk rock. And I mean punk. Not just Blink, green day, and all the typical stuff that's even on the pop radio stations. The Punk Show airs Sunday nights at 7:00 to 10:00. They seemingly have every metal cd that is out there. The only problem is that they ARE required to play the trendy alternative crap like creed and stuff like that.