Classical Guitar Pedagogy

by Anthony Glise

(1997) Mel Bay #0-7866-1380-7

Description This book discusses teaching guitar and the principles of guitar playing. It includes sections covering the various principles of technique and practice.
Posted By Jason Vickers (1415)
Directory Books/Tab: Classical
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On 7/30/2002, Jason Vickers (1415) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book covers everything a teacher is likely to tell you. It is not a book of notes, but a book of theory. Glise includes a limited selection of practicing exercises to explain the principles. Rather, he redirects you to pieces that will assist you in practicing and perfecting the technique of Classical Guitar.

This book made me a much better player because it addresses the finer points of technique. It gives reason why to do something and why to not do something. After reading a rather detailed explanation of the technique, I was better able to spot what I was doing incorrectly. My favorite aspect of this book it that Glise references other very good material in order to practice the technique.

The down side is that this book is not about immediate gratification. There is no CD or tape included. It takes some thought. Therefore, it is not for the young reader. It has no tab in it whatsoever. The is a limited amount of illustrations. If you don't like to read, this book will never be for you. Some sections will only apply to someone who is teaching this.

In summary, this is a book about theory. It gives better direction to resources a person needs to play better. It also gives an order in which to learn the desired technique.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists