Time Of No Reply

by Nick Drake

(1986) Hannibal

Personnel Nick Drake: Vocals, guitar, lyrics
Description A CD put together long after Nicks passing, it is really well done and they each stand as different sides of Nicks personality.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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On 7/24/2002, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Or times of his life. For instance the last four tracks are the last four tracks he created in his life, the recording sounds much like that of Pink Moon, and sounds even darker than that album did. Especially the track Black Eyed Dog, which just sends chills down everyones spines, even though it has nothing fancy like techno sounds or anything like that, just Nick and his guitar. This album also has many other made-at-home recordings of Nick, some have really bad sound quality, but the importance of them makes that unimportant. There are songs about smoking pot too long "been smoking too long" and thoughts of mary jane, and a man in a shed (one of my favorites actually). The first track, Time of No Reply, sets the tone for the entire rest of the album. The only track that I think stands out among the rest is "I was Made To Love Magic", which in some ways sounds egyption or something like that to me, and doesn't include Nicks guitar playing, and his vocals are way different than normally is. But it is still Nick. This album was put together after his death, but even without him there this album still proves to be an important piece of the collection. If you enjoyed any of Nick Drakes' three albums, you'll definetly want to pick this up.