Graph-Tec PT-7200-00

Made by Graph-Tec

Description This "strap button" is cheaper and easier to install than traditional strap locks. Its "V" shape almost guarantees your guitar won't go crashing to the floor...
Posted By Dominic Hatchuel (4861)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 7/23/2002, Dominic Hatchuel (4861) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you're looking ta git yerself a strap lock cuz yer worried yer pride and joy is gonna go crashing to the floor, rather get a pair of these. They work, they're cheaper, they're easier to install, in short, they'll make you a happier person.
Where Obtained: Andy McGibbon's Guitar World
Gosh darn it if these ain't the cleverest little things under the firmament. They're V-shaped strap buttons. Basically, you install 'em onto your guitar in place of the existing strap buttons, easy as pie, make sure they're facing downwards, attach your favourite strap and Robert's your father's brother. I use them on my PRS and my Cort 4-string bass, no problems so far.
I can see no reason why these would fail in any setting. But like anything that has anything to do with my guitars, it's always worth checking at least every time you use it. I'll give 'em a four cuz I ain't had 'em very long...