Art And Lutherie Wild Cherry CW

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Art And Lutherie

Description Art and Lutherie is a Canadian made guitar that offers that quality construction expected from Canada.
Posted By David Johnston (29)
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On 7/14/2002, David Johnston (29) posted:
Overall Rating:
I own a Big Baby Taylor and I can't compare the Art and Lutherie to that guitar. But when I compared it to Deans, Alvarez, and Yamaha there was no contest. If you like a Seagull you'll like Art and Lutherie. If this guitar bites the dust I would buy another like it. I have come to find that these Canadian built guitars for the price are far superior to the Oriental made ones. Unless you have $1000 to spend this is a good choice.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $350.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Town Memphis TN
Canadian built guitar. Cut away dreadnaught. 22 frets. Under saddle pick up with equalizer. Is finished black but the wood grain is visible and looks good. It's a laminate construction but the sound is wonderful. Has chrome closed tuners that keep the guitar in tune well.
The action was a little high but the shop adjusted it (sanded the saddle) and it's good now. Neck is thin and fast. The sound from this guitar is better than you get from expensive Oriental guitars.
Sound Quality:
I play this thing through a Peavy PA system we use at group gatherings. The under saddle pick up wouldn't ring out the hifgh E string. I fooled with shims to no avail and finaly took the factory saddle off and installed a straight saddle. Now all the strings ring out well. The tone of the guitar is warm and rich, not too tinny. Good finger picking guitar.
This instrument is built to last. It will take a lot of misuse and keep coming back. Stays tuned well. Had to add a strap peg on the neck where it connects into the body. I take the guitar from indoor air conditioning to out door 90% humidity without any problems. All in all this is a quality guitar that will last a life time. If you're interested in $500 to $600 worth of guitar check out an Art and Lutherie first.