Reverend Rocco

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Reverend

Description Phenolic Top and Back, Injection Molded Plastic Rims, 2 coil-tap Humbuckers, Maple neck/fingerboard, Made in the U.S.A.
Posted By Johnny Coronado (13)
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Member Reviews

On 7/7/2002, Johnny Coronado (13) posted:
Overall Rating:
I highly recommend a Reverend guitar to ANY player. I just got a Reverend Rumblefish XL Bass with a Gold Metal top....I have never felt a Bass so wonderful. Please check out the website WWW.ReverendDirect.Com and see what I mean.

tell Joe Naylor that "IPLAYLOUD" sent you...he'll take great care of you!!!
Model Year: 2000
Made in the U.S.A., this is a semi-hollow construction. The top and back are made from a Phenolic wood-based compound, and the side rim is injection molded plastic. The necks have a "vintage" rounded profile....feels like an old 62 Strat that has had 5 re-frets over the uears...your hand just WRAPS around it like you have been playing it for 4 years!! The coil-tap Humbuckers REALLY sound like single coils when split. Tele spank, Strat honk, and full shred 'Buckers.......all VERY USEABLE!!! I have the fulcrum tremolo which I have never had any problems with. Beefier than a Fender system, with great sustain.
OMG!! If you are a "Fender-guy", you'll feel right at home here. I had Strats my whole life, and wanted something "different". I ALWAYS get a compliment on the looks and sound. One sound man said that he never heard such definition through a sounded like a Grand Piano!!
Sound Quality:
Give me a little slap-back echo and reverb for "fullness". This guitar is quiet even in coil-tap mode!! A very "airy" sound that borders on a nice ES-335 character, but CLEAR, DEFINED, and CRISP come to mind!!
2 years and she is still perfect!! I had a slight problem with snapping high E strings at the bridge (I NEVER break strings). 2 minutes with a file on the saddle and it was cured.