Dunlop Capo 14c

Made by Dunlop

Description Accessory used to bar accross the whole fretboard making it easier for songs which have to be tuned up steps without actually touching the tuning keys
Posted By Brian McTernan (160)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 7/3/2002, Brian McTernan (160) posted:
Overall Rating:
This capo is tiny!!! grab it next time your in your music shop! it's only bout US $8 and is hella fun puttin up round the 9th fret and just screwin around up there with standard chord positions.
Price: $15.00 AUS (new)
Where Obtained: Murphys Music Store,, Blacktown N.S.W AUS
Uses a nylon strap combined with a plastic locking system which locks into the actual capo which is made of steel
So far it's aight! although the plastic does tend to bend outta whack a little bit when put on tight but all else seem to be ok