Pork Soda

by Primus

(1993) Interscope

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Description A very unique and solid album led by the legendary Les Claypool's genius bass riffs. More jamming than Primus's other albums.
Posted By Colin Dru (231)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 7/1/2002, Wim Klumpers (6) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fast, Hard, Weird.... In short: Virtuoso Les Claypool has taken Bass playing to another level.
On 6/28/2002, Colin Dru (231) posted:
Overall Rating:
'Pork Soda' is a masterful display of the bizzare. Compared to 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese' and 'Frizzle Fry,' this album is perhaps not as song-oriented or solid, but its freaky, funky jams make up for it. Had some more traditional guitar and bass playing been thrown in the mix, I think the album would have been a little more appealing to a wider audience, but the jangly bass riffs and atonal guitar solos will certainly find a home in any mental patient, serial killer, or deranged mutant's CD collection. The guitar player, Larry LaLonde, uses dissonant Frippisms in a way that few guitarists venture to try these days, and one will come to love his twisted melodies upon repeated listens (perhaps under the influence of some mind-altering drugs...).

In short, this album is very hard to describe in words, but suffice to say it will certainly broaden any guitarist or bassist's musical horizons tenfold. If you're ever stuck in a writing rut, you *need* to give this album a listen. Just don't get sucked in!