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URL http://www.goremusic.com/
Description On-line catalog of their unique Polyweb-coated strings for a variety of stringed instruments, along with a dealer list.
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Member Reviews

On 5/3/2002, Alex Barrett (755) posted:
Overall Rating:
Wow, these strings are fast. The first time I tried to slide down the neck I flew right past the fret I was aiming for. Great tone, and they smell good too :) hehe, seriously, the polyweb coating gives them an odor that for some reason is kind of pleasant. Not that odor matters.
On 3/4/2000, Rex Jones (12455) posted:
Overall Rating:
I am amazed at how well they hold up,I have them on every guitar I own now, They don't squeek as much, they leave MY fingers much cleaner after playing, and last for months not week, or weeks. GOOD STUFF!
On 2/2/2000, Leroy Smith (2273) posted:
Overall Rating:
These strings really do what they say. The poly-web coating makes these strings last a long time, and keeps the residue from your fingers practically non-existent. They also have a great tone that seems superior to non-coated strings in my opinion.