Samick LW-105

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Samick

Description This guitar is steel strung with a beautiful dark maple finish with woodgrain body feature black edging no cuttout
Posted By Brian McTernan (160)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 6/24/2002, Brian McTernan (160) posted:
Overall Rating:
When i purchased this guitar it was one of which stood out from the rest of the cheaper guitars, it had class, it had style, it even had charisma! with this being my first guitar purchased i recommend this to anyone looking for a first guitar but doesn't quite have the weight in their wallet. This guitar is a real crowd pleasure. This guitar i believe has a different model name than the US made as it looks exactly the same as the Samick-LMSA15 A picture of the LMSA15 is available at this address:
Model Year: 1999
Price: $198.00 Australian (new)
Where Obtained: Music Shop
This acoustic guitar was made in AUS and features 20 steel frets and comes with 6 steel strings which with the right care will last quite a long time. it has a woodgrain feature with a dark stain making the colour quite dull and not as shiny as many other guitars. the strings are held through with body plugs and are tuned with steel machine heads. the fretboard is a durable piece of hardware with a black layout it is one beautiful piece of musical instrument which will not tend to scratch. the neck is not oversized so it can be quite handy for all guitar players especially ones that dont like oversized necks. This guitar i believe is only available in full size. Quoted on Full size steel string dreadnought, Nato with binding, Nato set neck, Rosewood fretboard & bridge, 20 frets, chrome enclosed gears, satin finish
This guitar has no flaws and and is not like your average cheap guitar. The neck featured is great for all styles of music.
Sound Quality:
This sound quality cannot be beat in this price range. With it's full lively body it can produce such great sounds with smiling results. I enjoy playing mostly contemporary music including alternative, punk, and metal. this guitar is able to produce a grunty sound which is of high demand in this age and can also produce a soft tone pleasant sound for all those Clapton and Emmanual fans out there
The durability of this "Machine" will not dissapoint you. this guitar has an all year round feel such like a fruit that doesn't go out of season. It is not affected by climate changes although the strings do get cold in winter. There is one straplock on the bottom although it is mainly used just to protect the bottom when set down on a surface. I've had this guitar in various conditions ranging from summer droughts to dewy mornings and it still runs as clean as a whistle.