by David Bowie

(1999) Unsure

Personnel David Bowie
Description Great album, recently surpassed by "Heathen", but still great.
Posted By Karl Haikara (2330)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 8/4/2002, Allyn Walters (201) posted:
Overall Rating:
Bowie fans buy this album, and then rejoice. He has gone through many incarnations in his career, many of which have left (at least) this fan going "huh?". With "Hours", we get some real classic Bowie.
On 6/14/2002, Karl Haikara (2330) posted:
Overall Rating:
From beginning to end, a great sorrowfull, sad but wonderfull journey in music. If you like David Bowie buy this.