Squier Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Squier

Description Quite old 8-10 years, red with white pick board. Standard fender stratocaster design. Cheapish parts-nothing special.
Posted By Simon Whitaker (8)
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On 6/9/2002, Simon Whitaker (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think its a very good beginers guitar, doesnt cost a great deal(the new squire strats(note not stratocaster like this one)are very cheap 100to150) Its an allrounder for different types, but not great in a particular one-good for finding out what type you prefer. If it were lost or stollen i would defo buy a better, newer guitar now im past the bginer stage. This guitar would be much better if it had good hardware, ie fender hardware. Fav aspect is that its good for all music types. worst is that its not 'great' for a particular type of music.
Made in Korea. Wooden neck, body wood-painted (no idea which wood!)21 frets. Two normal tone controls, one volume and 1 switch for the pickups. Three pickups. pickups-nothin special. Plain red finish. Standard fender strat body. String through body. tuners-no brand, not locking
It seems much better to play with than the newer squier strat. Although harder to play than the newer strat its gives out a better sound. Quite a short neck-doesnt seam as long as the newer strat which makes it harder to play. No real flaws other than i keep brakin my top e string(more than i should), ive replaced the cradle for the string, because the old one was a bit worn but that seams to noy made a difference. any ideas? or is it just my playing?!
Sound Quality:
I Use a marshall g30r cd, its a allrounder i feel, can give out good sounds. Dont have any effects over than reverb on the amp-i have no money! why do u think ive got a crappy squier! I play a range of music: ska,punk,rock,altorock,classic. Guitars not bad for those styles-kinda a beginer/intermediate guitar so has to be ok with lots of styles. Amp is also good, you can get a good ska sound out of it, and also a very heavey metaly sound out of it. The sound is kind of a warm/light sound. doesnt compare at all to a squire with fender hardware ie fender pickups, but sound much better than the new squier strat. I aint considerin any mods, it would be much better to jus buy a new guitar! it is very noisy-pickups arnt great quality lots of feedback, which in some situations you really dont need/want. Stage or studio? im only an intermediate player, i aint good enough to be in a studio!!! stage thou-its a good enough sound!
Its very reliable other than the top e string which goes out of tune easily and brakes all the time. I dont do any adjustments, so blah blah! Strap locks are bad, starp always falls off, when im on stage im always scared that my guitar will fall off so i put some tape on the ends! caontrals/hardware arnt tooo bad, there 'no-name ones thou(squier) so they arnt 'top' quality! seams ok during climate changes, doesnt seam to change at all from the cold winter to the hot summer.