Tagima TG-635

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Tagima

Description Its a stratocaster made in Brazil. 22 frets, 3 pick-ups (single-coil). Standard tremolo.
Posted By Bernardo Pires (4599)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/26/2002, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
Overall Rating:
Real cost-effective guitar. Nice strat tone. It's an excellent choice for an upgrading instrument. But the original pickups sounds good.
Price: $290.00 (new)
Made in Brazil. Stratocaster. 22 frets, 3 pick-ups single-coil with 5-way pickup selector, vintage style tuners. Standard bridge, chrome hardware. Beautiful guitar. The body is made of Marup and the neck is made of Pau-Marfim (all of them are brazillian woods).
Action is wonderful, low action. The neck was made for soloing, fast neck and great factory set-up.
Sound Quality:
Its a stratocaster. Good variety of sounds, low noise, lot of sustain. It sounds very good despite the cheap pick-ups. Nice lead tone (great clean and with distortion).
Made to last...