Fast Track Guitar Instruction: Guitar 2

by Blake Neely and Jeff Schroedl

(1997) Hal Leonard #0-7935-7411-0

Description This book will show you lots of chords, notes and cool beginning techniques such as barre chords, slides, hammer-ons and pull offs.Also how to play riffs. It has Rock, blues and other styles.
Posted By Amanda Swearngin (60)
Directory Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals
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On 5/23/2002, Amanda Swearngin (60) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this book is very good at explaining the basics. It has helped me very much and I refer to it a lot. This book has a CD with it which is very helpful and fun to play along with. This book is in a series so if you are just starting try Fast Track Guitar Instruction: Guitar 1 because this one is a little more advanced.
Suitable for beginner guitarists