Hoyer Gibson 335 Copy - German

6-String Guitar

Made by Hoyer

Description As I said - Sunburst 335 copy No wang bar
Posted By Iain Norriw (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/17/2002, Iain Norriw (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fairly tasty
Where Obtained: Gift
German - Rosewood,I suspect. 24 frets, six strings. 2 Vol, 2 tone pots 2 passive pickups individial pole pieces, look like single-coils Sunburst double cutaway. Tune-o-matic type bridge and non- locking Schaller type machine heads
Nice low neck fast action for jazz' Developed a slight fret buzz that I'm gonna get fixed shortly. Being a semi, its sustain isnt all that great but what the hell, I got a Gibson coming LOL
Sound Quality:
Hamony 15 just got rid of my effects - get back to the natural sound. Pop Jazz and a fair bit of Celtic Rock Warm sound wsp when I wind the amp up to 11 :-) More later
Yep - it's the amp I'm worried about. And I had to leave an AC-30 in England, dammit