Yamaha Pacifica 312II

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description The basics done rather well. S/S/H set up with a trem system of sorts and what appears to be good all round construction.
Posted By Dominic Hatchuel (4861)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 5/16/2002, Dominic Hatchuel (4861) posted:
Overall Rating:
Nothing fancy, but a good place for most people to start I think. As for this particular model, I'd whip out the pots, the switch, the trem system and the pickups, replace them with killer stuff and have a superb guitar. That'd be if I wasn't planning on selling it...

The basics are all there, it just doesn't kick butt too much. It's really a lot of fun and I'd keep it if I didn't already have three other guitars. Plus, I got it basically free when I bought my amp, so there's no possibility of financial loss! I don't think I'd repeat this exercise, but it was definitely fun while it lasted...
Where Obtained: Private seller
Probably made in Japan, solid alder double cutaway body with ash veneer top, maple(?looks like maple but i doubt it) neck and rosewood fretboard, 6 strings over 22 frets, one tone and one volume pot, 5 way switch, black plastic pickguard, S/S/H Alnico V pickups, string-thru-body trem system with non-locking tuners strat style on the top of the headstock, and mine has the old violin sunburst finish, quite pretty. The neck on this puppy is incredibly straight, one of those rare gem finds.
The action is set quite low, perhaps a fraction too low really, and that coming from someone who likes it all the way down in general. It's not a strat, it's not a PRS, it's nothing special but it's got everything the beginner needs I reckon. As I mentioned, the neck on this one is beaut, pucker.
Sound Quality:
Ew... The only really nice sound I get out of this thing is at the bridge pickup - the humbucker. The other settings sound very tinny and there's no real tone to speak of. But let's face it, you ain't getting Seymour Duncans on a guitar like this. I play it through my Peavey Rage 158 which I concede doesn't contribute much to the tone, but I have this set up at the office, for lunch time practice sessions. It's convenient. I usually just mess around on it, never used it in any kind of jam session or anything like that, so I can't comment there. As I said, whip out the hardware and stick in good gear and you'll have a real gem.
I haven't had it too long, and it's got its fair share of scratches, knocks and bumps. It doesn't seem to mind all the moving around it does and stays in tune fairly well I guess.