Vapor Trails

by Rush

(2002) Atlantic #7567-83531-2

Personnel Geddy Lee,Alex Lifeson,Neil Peart
Description Rush's first studio album in 6 years is a return to basics.
Posted By Alan Roberts (10065)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 12/12/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
The first time I heard this album it blew my mind. People herald it as a return to the old Rush, but really it's not. Yes, there are less synths, which is good. There is still the well-crafted 10 minute epic part of Rush that I really miss. Like any recent Rush album, there are high spots and low spots. The title cut and "Ghost Rider" are great songs, but there are the one or two on there that you just scratch your head about. The opener on the album "One Little Victory" is just a fantastic song. To see it really done well, pick up the Live In Rio DVD!
On 12/19/2002, Leonardo Machado (836) posted:
Overall Rating:
Simply awesome. This album shows that Neil Peart has finally went trhough his personnel tragedies. His lyrics are so passionate, in specially Ghost Rider, which is about himself. Geddy's voice is better than ever. I hope this album really represent a new beggining to Rush!
On 5/14/2002, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record sounds like it could have followed "Moving Pictures",from 1981.They rely less on synths and effects than they have in years.This time it's all about playing Rock'n'Roll.They still rely on the lyric writing of Peart to set the mood for the songs,but this time there's more edge to them than there has been in years.Although there aren't really any memorable solos on this disc,that's never really been what Rush was about.The rhythm playing of Lifeson is more than enough to drive the songs and the solos he takes are brief and precise.It's by far the best thing they've recorded since the early 80's,and leaves no doubt that they're still a relevant presence in Rock music.