The Bends

by Radiohead

(1995) Parlophone

Description The second album from Radiohead tells us more about the band than their first album.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 5/11/2002, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this album has a lot more great potential compared to their first. even though only one song was written in the studio for the album (Planet Telex), it shows the softer side of Radiohead (Fake Plastic Trees, Nice Dream) and the harder side-shown on the first one, of course-(Just, My Iron Lung). I think this album has a lot more potential than their first as well, with the money that Pablo Honey had gathered, they could do more, use better equipment and sound effects. The album opens up with a very peculiar number Planet Telex. The actual recording of Thoms vocals was after a night of partying, and he was lying on his back on a couch, drunk (or so the folklore goes). The album keeps up the pace and never slows down, it does, but it seems to hit you awake once more with a loud number. It's interesting the way the album works. Then the climax of the album is the most interest song of all, a dark and eclectic number called 'Street Spirit'. The song sounds kind of medieval to some people, especially with a guitar in the background, but I think it sounds more like something Velvet Underground or something from that kind of music would generate: Dark Psychedelia at it's best.

1. Planet Telex 2. The Bends 3. High and Dry 4. Fake Plastic Trees 5. bones 6. (nice dream) 7. Just 8. My Iron Lung 9. Bullet Proof....I wish I was 10. Black Star 11. Sulk 12. Street Spirit (Fade out)

This album really shouldn't be missed for any fans of Radiohead or anyone close to their kind of work. It's a really good album, and proves that rock bands really shouldn't keep themselves triggered to whatever has worked in the past-cause you never know that their might be something better just waiting to be discovered.