by Keith Wyatt, Dave Rubin, Nick Bowcott and Brad Carlton

Description They claim: Invest 30 days in GUITABULARY and you'll be playing killer blues guitar on the 31st day or you get every penny back.
Posted By Darryl Roberts (5330)
Directory Books/Tab: Blues
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On 5/8/2002, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a truly amazing program. It covers theory in a very user-friendly fashion, has dozens of awesome examples in mp3 format, with accompanying text in PDF files. There are over a hundred hours worth of lessons here. The program comes on a single cd-rom, and includes several complete manuals and hundreds of sound files. It is advertised on the site ( for $40, but they also sell them regularly on Ebay for $28 +shipping. I would recommend this program without hesitation to anyone who is interested in blues guitar, regardless of their current level of ability. This truly has something for everyone. First rate materials, great instructors...what more could you want?
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists