Godin LG SP90

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description This is a limited edition limited run #x of 100 to commemorate the 100 anniversery of the NAMM expo.
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On 5/7/2002, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I wasn't looking for any guitars when I purchased this guitar... I chose it because it was a thing of beauty.

If this guitar were lost or stolen, I would put out an all points bullitin... I would find this guitar...
Model Year: 2001
Price: $700.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Local Dealer
This is a Canadian made guitar that was assembled in New Hampshire. The neck is Mahogony with a rosewood fretboard. This 6 string guitar has 24 frest, 2 knobs and 3 switches. The pickups are Seymour Duncan P90 Custom Custom Custom (yes 3 customs) picked out specifically by Seymour Duncan himself (with a letter that talked about the process of picking the pickups for this guitar.) The finish is a AAA matched flame maple top, single cutaway with a string through the body design for ultimate sustane. The tuners are standard non-locking Godin tuners.
This guitar is designed for Hybrid strings (Heavier bass strings, lighter treble strings). I was able to adjust the action by adjusting the bridge because the neck was set uo to my liking, The neck is beatiful and I like it alot. This guitar plays better than most PRS guitars that I played... enough said.
Sound Quality:
I use this guitar with a Tech21 Trademark 60 combo amp. This guitar plays jazz very well, but distorts nicely when it needs to. The tone is rich and crystal clear - and when you add a touch of reverb... the tone will make you weep. Since these are single coil pickups, there is some hum, but if you turn away from the lights, power sources, the crowd... you shouldn't experience any problems.
This guitar is super reliable. I have never had to adjust the strings. The hardware is holding up well. I've had this guitar through winter, spring and the near summer like conditions and I have had to make no modifications.