Soldano SLO-100

100W Head

Made by Soldano

Description Handmade dual channel 100 watt all tube class A/B amplifier. Every component is military grade or better. You'd be hard pressed to find a amp with better tone. Worth every penny. Makes Marshall & Boogie sound horrible!!
Posted By Jim Henry (210)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/26/2004, Jim Henry (210) posted:
Overall Rating:
Perfect translation from fingers to strings to ears. Musical tone hard to believe. My Diaz CD-100 is the only thing in the same league. A modern masterpiece!! Pricey but I would replace it if I lost or ripped off. I wouldn't change a thing! I'll never be without one!!
Model Year: 2001
Price: $2100.00
Where Obtained: Ebay Auction
Very simple set up. 2 footswitchable channels. The 1st (Normal) with a "Clean" and "Crunch" toggle switch. "Clean" is just that. Less gain so you adjust you master for the channel higher. "Crunch" boosts the channel's gain from slight breakup to heavy crunch. Serious Rock!! The "Overdrive" channel sets the industry standard for gain. No "Fuzzy" Boogie tone or "Muddy" Marshall grunt here. I've had both and they pail in comparison. And it can be REALLY LOUD!!! But remains very ballsy at lower volumes.
Sound Quality:
I use a SRV Strat, 62 Custom Shop Tele, Gibson Les Paul Classic and a Gibson Firebird IV through this rig with incredible results. I play mostly Blues & Classic Rock. Very quiet tube buffered effects loop. Super quiet in all voices. More gain than should be legal. Yet fully user controlable.
Ease of Use:
It is next to impossible not to get a unbelevable sound from this head. Your jaw will hit the floor and you'll get the chills!!! No Lie!!
Will out last the owner.