Live From Mars

by Ben Harper

(2000) Virgin

Description Ben harper has been around for a very long time has played with greats such as goverment mule neil young and most recently pearl jam.
Posted By Mike Campo (20)
Directory Recordings: Alternative
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On 5/5/2002, Mike Campo (20) posted:
Overall Rating:
My opinion is this, i have never heard a more heart felt album then i have with this gentleman.disc one really rocks out with versions of whole lotta love and others.some songs are lenghty but complement each other extremely well.disc two,takes a different turn.just a man and his acoustic.the way it outta be.never once have i skipped a song very powerful lyrical well as some amazing guitar work.though,solo's are not existent on disc two ,i believe its better music wise.though compared to lenny kravitz, ben harper is in my opinion more talented and more enjoyable than anything kravitz has to offer.