Rocktron RepliTone

120W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Rocktron

Description The Rocktron RepliTone is a 24-bit DSP professional guitar amplifier containing 16 amp emulation models, 30 user programable presets, and 30 factory supplied presets, plus digital effects.
Posted By Joe Gonzales (258)
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Member Reviews

On 5/8/2002, Joe Gonzales (258) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall, I would say that this is the best of the emulating amps in its price range. I've played a bunch of Peavey amps, the cheaper Line 6 stuff, plus a few Crate amps. This one just feels the best. I can't really say that it does the models accurately, but I can say that they all sound good. I dig it, that's all I can say.


Ok, an update to my opinion of the amp. There seems to be a problem with some of the older amps, the EPROM in mine went bad. I contacted Rocktron on Tuesday, and after a few emails, by Wednesday the problem had (hopefully) been identified, and a new EPROM is on the way. That's pretty quick customer service, in my opinion, so they get a 5 for that too.
Price: $650.00 (new)
This amp is fairly simple. Master volume, gain and level knobs, hig mid and low knobs, and knobs for the effects, amp models, and presets, plus buttons to alter and store effects and presets. Its a stereo amp, with plenty of volume. Plus, there are two external speaker outputs.It doesn't come with a footswitch, but you can use either a 4-button or MIDI footswitch with it. You can direct record, run it into your computer, or even use headphones.
Sound Quality:
Lots of flexibility to the tone on this one. The effects are of better than average quality, and the amp models are all useful, if not perfect copies of the originals. I play all kinds of music, and this amp covers everything from classic rock to southern rock to metal. The Level knob is kind of abrupt, takes you from 0 to 3 with nothing in between, but other than that it works fine. The amp sounds great.
Ease of Use:
Here's where the problems could arise...I had a bit of trouble fine-tuning things at first, but I think that had more to do with my complete ignorance of shaping tone. I used to just turn the low and high all the way, and drop out the mids, but this amp needs a bit more tweaking than that. Plus,you have to figure out how each effect is affected by the adjustments you can make. Other than that, getting a quick clean or dirty tone without the effects is a 30 second job at most.
I am pretty impressed with the build on this amp. Everything looks and feels like it will not fall apart anytime soon. Nothing shifts around, the knobs all feel snug, and nothing seems to be loose.