Chord Chemistry

by Ted Greene

(1971) Dale Zdenek #not shown

Description This book deals primarily with chords and their application. The first half of the book deals mainly with musical theory which is then applied to chord progressions later in the book.
Posted By Stephen Lindsay (442)
Directory Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals
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On 7/15/2007, Stephen Lindsay (442) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book can be used as a reference book but it is not a compendium of chords. Rather, it deals with several chord concepts such as moving a 4th, substitutions, voicings, melodies, triads, harmonies of scales. As such it can be viewed as a learning tool that will expand your understanding of chords and increase your chord vocabulary.

This book was first published in 1971 and it has been reprinted since. It was published at a time when instructional books were few and far between and has since attained notoriety as the guitarists'"chord bible". In a sense it remains of its time and so the style and presentation shows its age - no tab, no CD, a lot of hand written chord diagrams. However this should not fool the reader into believing it lacks knowledge. This book is comprehensive and requires to be tackled slowly. However it is worth it. This is a GREAT book.
Suitable for advanced guitarists