Aria AW-75TN

Acoustic 12-String Guitar

Made by Aria

Description A wonderful choice for those who wish to experiment with new sounds. Well balanced and excellent sounding guitar lots of fingerspace on the fretboard.
Posted By Doni Bieler (141)
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Member Reviews

On 4/25/2002, Doni Bieler (141) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at many 6 string a/e 's but i chose this one because it was a 12 string and i had my eye on it for some time. i would definately buy this guitar again if i lost it or had it stolen. the only thing i would change about this guitar is the fact it needs a cutout so i can hit the higher notes on the freatboard where it meets the body of the guitar. my favorite aspec about this guitar is its rich a clear sound the comes out of it when being played whether strummed or picked.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $366.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Milford Music
Made in USA Neck and Headstock are made of Mahogany wood Fretboard and Bridge are made of Rosewood wood Face of Guitar Body is made of Spruce wood Sides and Back of Guitar Body are made of Mahogany wood Frets are Made of Nickel ( 20 in all ) Is a 12 String Its an Acoustic so the the only pick up is the Soundhole The is done in All Natural Bodystyle is Dreadnaught The Tuner are made and manufactered by ARIA Guitars they are Chrome non-locking
When i bought mine it had a major dip in the neck at the 13th fret but that was quikly combated with the lifetime warranty that came with it and was repaired for free. the neck doesnt hinder with my playing ability of the guitar. it plays better than my last acoustic which was a 6 string ibanez a/e (acoustic/electric.
Sound Quality:
I use no amps or effects pedals its acoustic. im still learning so i havent quite figured out what genre i want to play yet. its well suited for a rich classical sounds and bluegrass and maybe some jazzier sounding music. the sound is very rich with great clarirty. richer than most ive played. im considering having a inset elect amp jack put in it so i can play on a amp.
Very suitable for live and studio playing. all hardware is holding up great for now will let you know in the future. adjustments havent really been needed since it was repaired. and climate changes i dont know about yet i just obtained her will let you know more in the future.