Cort X6-BVM

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Cort

Description Ibanez look 24 fret Floyd Rose Rock Monster
Posted By Marcus Perkins (360)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 4/24/2002, Marcus Perkins (360) posted:
Overall Rating:
For the price nothing comes close to this guitar.
Model Year: 2001
Where Obtained: Hickies Music Store
US made Metallic Blue Basswood sculpted body in the Ibanez vein. 24 fret Maple hard rock bolt on neck with unusual headstock. Volume and Tone dials and 5-way selector for Hum/Sin/Hum Mightymite pickups. Floyd Rose trem for those Dave Murray moments.
It took a couple of weeks to adjust to the extra length after a Squier Strat but now suits and sits nicely during practice. Selector switch is a bit to close the teh strings but I'm adjusting around that.
Sound Quality:
I have only used this with a practice amp and headphones but I am due to go into the studio soon so will get a chance to check it out against LP's etc.
It feels very well bolted together for a cheaper brand guitar and I would have no problem taking it around for gigs.