Mesa-Boogie V-Twin Pedal

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Mesa-Boogie

Description Tube Preamp Pedal. Distortion - Clean (2) 12AX7 Tubes, diamond-plate construction!
Posted By Chris Pinto (24466)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 4/23/2002, Chris Pinto (24466) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great pedal, great idea! Great, warm, clean & blues tones! But, the distortion is weak. So, out of the 3 channels it has, I really like 2 out of 3.

So, as Meat Loaf said: "'cause two out 'a three ain't bad".

It's worth buying used, but I would never spend $500.00 on this pedal! I don't care WHO made it.
Price: $259.00
Where Obtained: Auction / Ebay
Powered by wall adapter. Features: 1) 2 (12AX7) tubes 2) Distortion 3) Clean channel 4) Blues channel 5) Headphone/Record switch 6) Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence controls 7) Wall adapter. Only thing I wish it had was better distortion. Too muddy for me. However, as far as the other great options this pedal has, and it's extremely HEAVY construction, it's great!
Sound Quality:
OK, for it's Blues channel & Clean channel....WONDERFUL! If you love ZZ Top, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc, this pedal can't be beat! Awesome tone! However, the "SOLO" or "Distortion" channel, could have been alot better! However, it's very similar to Mesa's Dual Rect sound. If you LIKE that sound, then, you'll love the pedal. I, for one, am not crazy about that Mesa "Dual Rect Muddy-Distortion Sound".
Ease of Use:
Easy to use....not too difficult.
Reliable enough for live shows...HELL YEAH. Durable..........................HELL YEAH. Heavy Duty.......................HELL YEAH. Built like a tank, weighs about as MUCH as a tank, and could be used as a weapon. Completely made from Diamond Plate Steel! Almost 1/4 in thick! This sucker's heavy! Probably close to 8 or 10 pounds....