Tacoma DM9

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Tacoma

Description The Tacoma DM9 is an American-made dreadnought with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It's not fancy, but more than makes up for that where it counts.
Posted By Paul Gelinas (4377)
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Member Reviews

On 5/11/2008, Paul Gelinas (4377) posted:
Overall Rating:
I LOVE this guitar. I'm not usually a dreadnought kind of guy, but this one inspired serious GAS the minute I played it. I'd surely replace it if something happened to it. The only possible improvements to this guitar would be cosmetic, but this guitar is about sound and playability, not flash.
Model Year: 2001
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
The finish is satin, and the dreadnought body is all solid wood with chrome tuners. This is a very unassuming guitar, but looks are deceiving.
This guitar has exceptional low action, and the fretboard enables faster and easier playing. It's an extremely well crafted instrument.
Sound Quality:
There wasn't another guitar in the guitar store's acoustic room within $400 in price that could touch the sound of this gem. It covers the full range evenly. The DM9 looks plain and simple, but produces rich, full-bodied tones.
Well, the guitar is only a few months old, but I've had no problems, and expect none.