Chord WIzard Chord Wizard

Chord WIzard

Version 2.0
Platforms Windows 95/98
Size ???
License Shareware
Description Chord Wizard Software can do anything aguitarist need to do, print out Scale Charts, Chord Charts, look up related scales or chords, and lets you enter new chords and new scales to further expand it's use.
Posted By Hector Merced (1816)
Directory Software: Instructional
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Member Reviews

On 4/2/2002, Hector Merced (1816) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is just a must have programs, sure their's many online free scripts, but they always hve on or two things you wish were differnt, this program ahs everything and will display it the way you want it.
Price: $25.95 (new)
Where Obtained:
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
This Porgram can do everything, not only can it print out any refence a guitarist really needs, but it also let rearrange the way it's printed and looks. Let you look up realted scales
Ease of Use:
THis was actually very easy to use, and it has very good help file that even teaches you theory.