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Description It's got interviews with famous guitarists, 7 or 8 songs worth of tab, recomendations for gear and new artists and practice tips
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On 9/28/2002, Dylan Tuggle (334) posted:
Overall Rating:
I used to love Guitar World, and I subscribed to it when it first came out. Now, the magazine seems to be geared more to teenagers who love the flavor-of-the-month or shock-rock bands. I only buy an issue every now and then when there is an especially good article or tab.

Guitar One (US), Guitar Techniques (UK), and Total Guitar (UK) are much better mags.
On 4/1/2002, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Decent Mag. More suited for more metal type players. But they have decent articles, so it ain't so bad.
On 3/30/2002, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this magazine, it seriously rocks. it is so useful with all the tips and tab and it's great to read guitarist's view of other guitarists/gear/ is totally worth subscribing to.