GHS Semi-flat Nickel Wrap

Made by GHS

Description Virtually the same as GHS Nickel Rockers but with a wound third string. These strings provide the same full, warm tones. Very flexible and smooth feeling. Blues/Rock strat.
Posted By Mark Carlson (343)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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Member Reviews

On 3/27/2002, Mark Carlson (343) posted:
Overall Rating:
After playing many brands and types of strings I am going to stick with these. I like the tone, feel, and quality. I like heavier gauges too and a wound third string. These a little lighter bottom (26-50) end but nice heavy higher strings. Its the balance I like.
Price: $6.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Gauges are 011-013-n18-n26-n38-n50. Made of pure nickel. The semiflat wrap gives them an incredibly smooth feel.
Sound Quality:
I play blues and rock on a stratocaster through a Fender Twin Reverb and a tube screamer. These strings have a fuller, throatier tone than steel ones I've played (Slinky, and D'addario). They still retain a nice punch though and aren't "mellow". Bends and pitch control are way easy as the nickel is much softer than steel.
They seem to last longer than others I've played. They probably lose the new sounds after 10-15 hours of playing. They hold tune very well throughout their lifespan. I change them about once a month.