Tacoma DR-20

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Tacoma

Description Dreadnaught Acoustic w/solid Sitka Spruce top,rosewood back and sides.
Posted By Alan Roberts (10065)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/27/2002, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar seems like it would be a good buy for both experienced players,looking for a mid-priced guitar and beginners,who are serious about buying a quality instrument.In comparison to similarly priced instruments,the Tacoma is quite a bargain...especially if you can find one on the used market.
Model Year: 1998
The DR-20 is an American made acoustic.Features include solid Sitka Spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides.The neck is mahoghany with rosewood fretboard.Other features include,Graphtech nut and saddle and Gotoh tuners.
This guitar plays and sounds as nice as many guitars costing twice the money.The action is good and the neck feels great.
Sound Quality:
This guitar would be equally suitable for Country,Folk,Rock,Blues or Bluegrass.It has lots of volume,nice tone and a great feel.The tone is tight and focused.Highs are nice and crisp and the lows are smmoth and warm.This guitar would cut well in a mix with other instruments.
The construction is solid and appears as if it would hold up well.Some of the techniques are relatively new,such as the shape of the bridge and the shape of the bracing.No way of knowing how these things will stand the test of time,as the company has only been in existence for a short while.