Peavey Falcon I International Series

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Peavey

Description This is strat rip-off, two sincle coils , volume and two tone knobs, standard tremolo, 21 frets, alder body black pearl finish w/white pickguard.
Posted By Salazar Sergio (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/23/2002, Salazar Sergio (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Actully it was a gift, but over the years i played several guitars and i still love this one, especially for the price-quality aspect, this is 100 percent money value, it's worth every peny
Price: $200.00 (new)
Where Obtained: casa peavey
U know a strat man, this is a peavey strat rip-off, that sound better than the fender cheap models and also plays better, and about the manufacture, its a rock hard guitar i'ts been with me for 6 years and aside from some scratches (my foult) it remains in quite good conditions. Peavey is a great manufacturer , i hope al americans reading this think about buying jap or korean pieces of crap and consider this brand(like eddie van halen)
Pretty good for sweep picking !!!!
Sound Quality:
Anything with strat sounds is possible for this axe, from maiden to blink , althoug it sounds better distorted
Rock hard!!! excelent manufacture