Advanced Keys To Flamenco Guitar

by Dennis Koster

(1994) PJN Publications #11735

Description If you want to play flamenco or are a fingerstyle enthusiast, then this is for you. It teaches most of the required techniques for flamenco in a easy to grasp way. Comes with a cd and the Solos in it are pretty cool.
Posted By Alex Aleman (96)
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On 3/22/2002, Alex Aleman (96) posted:
Overall Rating:
I learned a lot from this book. It literally has about a year's worth of learning material in it and the techniques and concepts are very well represented. I guarantee it will skyrocket you fingerpicking abilities in a few months time. There is also a beginners book available, if you think it is too advanced or if you do not understand about falsetas and the different flamenco forms that exist. This is a must have if you are a fingerpicker.
Suitable for advanced guitarists