Boss OD-20 Drive Zone

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Uses COSM technology to model the sound of 22 classic overdrive/distortion pedals. Also has Attack Shape and Heavy Octave adjustments. Includes amp control jack for remotely switching amp channels. Four user memories.
Posted By Tim Ball (2060)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 12/8/2003, Paul Brake (38) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would buy this unit again if it were lost or stolen. I htink it would be a better unit if it had a real tube for one of the presets on it (not to use with all settings just one or two)
Model Year: 2003
Price: $149.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
COSM modeling gives you the sound of 16 classic overdrive/distortion pedals plus 6 all-new tones, while deep-level controls let you shape your own sounds. Attack Shape and Heavy Octave knobs let you profoundly impact the effect. 4 user memories and line out with amp simulator that's also a headphone out. Amp control jack lets the OD-20 double as a footswitch for switching amp channels. BOSS 5-year warranty.
Sound Quality:
A Tradition LesPaul and a Vantage 5 cut VS. I play all forms from Blues to Country, Pop to Heavy Metal.It works great for all my styles.It is a bit noisy if you don't get it adjusted right you have to fine tune it in.
Ease of Use:
Fairly easy to use strait forward nobs and controls and has a bank for four presets of your own.
Well its a Boss!!! vary solid and dependable