Guild Je30-12-b01

Acoustic 12-String Guitar

Made by Guild

Description Maple bodied rosewood fretboard 12 string full bodied acoustic
Posted By Charles Roberts (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/8/2002, Charles Roberts (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Looked at ovations but did not like this is a keeper
Model Year: 1995
Price: $1800.00
Where Obtained: private owner
Made in the usa maple body rosewood fretboard 12 string acoustic/electric natural finish gold tuners
Can obtain my preferred action on this guitar,neck is a little thick but still plays nice,sounds much better than most 12 stringed guitars one flaw a ding on face small not very noticible
Sound Quality:
Use a randall amp with a crate cabinet with boss effects well suited for many styles,sounds very warm and thick its good on stage and in studio
Very reliable some tuning problems but not major every thing holding up climate makes it slip out of tune at times