Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Nice distortion, and the fact that it's for bass gives my guitar a different sound.
Posted By Rob Carraher (1756)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 3/1/2002, Rob Carraher (1756) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a very good pedal, and it gives me a different sound, but if I knew better at the time of purchase, I would've bought the MT-2.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $79.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Mike's Music Shop
We all know what Boss pedals have, saying anything here would be a waste.
Sound Quality:
Using bass pedals with guitars is really different, and fun. I don't play very 'heavy' music, but if I did, i'd buy the MT-2.
Ease of Use:
It's a BOSS! 4 knobs! Play around with them!
LOL, BOSS should stand for.... Because Other Stompboxes Suck.