Meeting People Is Easy

by Radiohead, Grant Gee


Description A very self-explanatory-like video about Radioheads' hard and heavy tour for their grand album, 'OK Computer'
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
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On 2/27/2002, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This video just runs like a Radiohead music video. It doesn't go to clip by clip but instead runs them together with either sounds or something else. It runs from something to something else really quickly, anyone not watching it easly getting a headache. But anyone not watching would want to watch it. The video easily grabs your attention. It's either the band in peril, or their music alarming your attention. This video shows alot, but not much of it. You would understand if you saw it with me. The video doesn't really concentrate on their music though, although it does show them in the studio (I believe during the late season of their tour, cause it was nearing the end of the video), interviews, concerts, and radio station greetings and the like. It concentrates mostly on their emotional feelings and the kind of termoil that they endure. Overall you feel like your watching the music video to the movie-you feel like the real movie is actually three hours longer, and plays more slyly and more easily (but Radiohead's music isn't, so I guess they had to make the movie the same way) to watch, more like a documentary on the band rather than a movie on the band. I do wish this movie were a lot longer though-just by watching it you want more. You wish that 'hey, I want to see more of that clip', or 'I wish they had another hour of that concert' or whatever. The biggest dissapointment I had on the movie was that it didn't capture the band talking to you-you see them under pressure, but yet they don't look straight at you and say 'I don't enjoy that because...' and go on and on about it. That would have been extremely interesting to see, I think. It would give you more of a feel for the movie, and more towards the band. The movie is, however, only an hour and a half long. It basically plays like a long Radiohead music video. It does contain an actual music video though-one that fits directly into the flick and if your not watchful it passes right by you-the video to Palo Alto, a B-side that the director of this movie (who filmed and directed this movie actually)directed. He also directed the great dark and eerie song 'No Surprises' video, which this movie briefly shows behind the scenes of it-Thom nearly drowning about three times and the rest I can't tell to spoil the movie. Overall I believe that any Radiohead fan isn't missing this movie, but others might enjoy it as well. Although it does get wierd at times with trippy effects and sounds (the cover says 'This film contains stroboscopic effects that may adversely AFFECT EPILEPSY SUFFERERS'), I think a majority of people can enjoy it.