Hendrix Band Of Gypsys

by Jimi Hendrix

(1999) MCA #MCADV12008

Description Band Of Gypsys is a Documentary/Live Concert of the legendary show recorded December 31, 1969 & January 01, 1970 at the Filmore East
Posted By Larry Magri (3259)
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On 2/15/2002, Larry Magri (3259) posted:
Overall Rating:
The concert footage is awesome, its in black & white, but what else would you expect in 1969. Its in Dolby Digital so the sound is like you where there listening.

Watching Jimi play Machine Gun just blows me away.

The DVD also has a picture section where you can view pictures taken at the show. Besides the Concert footage there is a documentary with interviews featuring the other 2 members of Band Of Gypsys, Billy Cox & Buddy Miles.

This DVD provides new insights into one of the Greatest Concerts and one of the Greatest Guitarists