Olympia (made By Tacoma) EA-15SB

Acoustic Guitar

Made by Olympia (made By Tacoma)

Description The EA-15SB is a Thinline Electric Acoustic guitar made by Tacoma. Allthough it is asembled in Korea, it was designed and setup by the folks at Tacoma.
Posted By Ned Kimbrough (263)
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On 2/15/2002, Ned Kimbrough (263) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was the perfect answer to a cheap travel guitar. It will not break my heart if it was damaged or stolen because it was so cheap...I would just go and buy another one at once. I love the tone this rascal puts out. For the money, I have not ever seen a good as guitar or deal as this
Price: $240.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mechanicsville Music
This guitar was made in Korea but to Tacoma specs. It is a Thinline Acoustic electric cutaway with a beautiful sunburst finnish. It has a solid spruce top and the back and sides are made of ash. Rosewood finger board. It has a gloss finnish with lots of ablone inlay. It also has onbaord EQ by Fishman. chrome tuners that seem to be of very fine quailty.
It was set up by Tacoma and it plays like a dream. Very easy to play with a great action
Sound Quality:
The sound is what sold me this guitar. I was looking for a cheap guitar to camping and on raod trips, but when I picked this baby up and played it, I was struck with awe. It sounds as good unplugged as it does amplified. It has VERY VERY good tone and I enjoy playing it as much as I do my Martin guitar
Very well made solid guitar...It is new so very hard to give an honest answer to this, but it is very well made.