Marshall LR 230

60W (2 x 2")

Made by Marshall

Description 2 channel, stereo amplifier with 2x8" speakers and piezo horn, 30 watts per channel, multiple inputs including 1/4" jacks, RCA and XLR plugs, built in reverb and effects loop.
Posted By Gregory Wolff (572)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/28/2002, Gregory Wolff (572) posted:
Overall Rating:
I tried, but couldn't find a clean PA-type amp with an XLR input as well as stereo channels without spending big bucks. I would definitely get another one if I had too. This amp could be better if it was a 2 x 12 with 100 watts per channel. You could use that thing anywhere! Anyone interested in singing along with their playing, but not interested in a giant amp should get one!
Model Year: 2001
Price: $550.00 (new)
Where Obtained: World Music Supply
Has Master tone and volume controls, plus volume controls for each channel. Has Master reverb control, plus a reverb/effects control for each channel. Has a mono-send/stereo-return effects loop. Channel selection is footswitchable with optional footswitch. Channel 1 has Left-Mono/Right 1/4" and RCA inputs; Channel 2 has Left-Mono/Right 1/4" inputs, plus an XLR input. With some creativity, you could have up to seven inputs, but I wouldn't recommend it. It uses a 2x30 watt stereo, solid state amplifier to create crystal clean sound. What you put in is pretty much what comes out. I have noticed that you have to be careful of the input level that you are sending to the amp. There is a tendency for high signals (such as those from digital effects processors) to break up and produce some ambient distortion. If you use an effects processor and send it directly to your amp (I use a Digitech RP-300), be sure to turn the master volume out down a bit until you find the right setting. It is powerful enough for practice and perhaps playing in a small garage with an acoustic band, but it is not really powerful enough for stage use. Sound is clear and strong and in stereo (if you send stereo inputs or use a stereo effects processor).
Sound Quality:
I use a custom built Wolffman Custom Deluxe guitar with solid maple neck and body, Carvin pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo sent through a Digitech RP-300. Let me say that if you are interested in playing guitar and getting a lot of bang for your buck, this set up is great. For about $800 you can get an awesome effects processor and a great stuudio amp that's is easy to carry around. The sound of the amp is superb. Marshall did a good job on their Linear Response Series amps to create a clean solid state amp that can be used with multiple inputs. If you wanted to play solo guitar with lead vocals in a very small venue, this would be the amp to use. Vocals and instrument signals come through loud and clear.
Ease of Use:
You can't get any easier: Plug in your amp, plug in your guitar/effects processor, set the volume--PLAY! All the effects loop controls are in the front so you can see what you doing. Easiest amp to use!
It's a Marshall! Although I had a disturbing experience. When I first received the amp in the mail, the four screws that help the amp unit in the cabitnet were a bit loose. I tightened them and haven't had any problems since!