Boss JS-5 Jam Station


Made by Boss

Description This is the most amazing "Practice Buddy" I can imagine having.
Posted By Rex Jones (12455)
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On 1/26/2002, Rex Jones (12455) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is truly an amazing practice tool. It is a tireless compitent band, always crisp and available, always willing to try ideas,basically the best "group" of players I have ever played with!( an example...Yes it will play 70's jazz fusion, Yes it will play a Polka, ...this machine will also let me find out what it might sound like if a Polka band played Jazz Fusion, or A Jazz fusion band played a polka BPM in B flat ....without the ...bass player :) and practice 24/7, So far, this machine has not taken anything out of my refrigerator or offended any of my lady friends. To date...If I could get a band to come over to play my ideas, like I wanted them played, when I wanted them played, for as long as I felt like practicing. This exceptional bunch of musicians has cost me about $5.00 an hour...Get one of these or be left in the dust!
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: I should have bought it from ActiveMusician
This is an AC mimics a "band" in stereo. I have mine plugged into the CD jacks in my home Stereo. This box allows me to play more types of music than I listen to... or care to learn. At any speed, in any key, for as long as I want. ...this is Roland at it's best. It will also tell me what the chords are.( a guitar teacher :)Did I mention it will let me Compose "My" ideas, let me build songs, using either their templates, or my ideas, or both, in any key at any speed? Or that it will help me learn licks off my favorite CD's and slow them down to almost any speed I want? It does:)..and that it's a guitar processor too...reverb, distortion, chorus, and more. That you can plug your guitar into it and play through your stereo and mix it in with the rest of the "Band" does!....:) This is a very cool practice tool!
Sound Quality:
Why Very good and not Excellent? I don't want to be too easy of a grader but This is Roland! I think this thing sounds amazing through my stereo...almost CD quality! This is a practice tool, not something meant to replace humans in a band. This is something to help you find "Your sound" or put down songs to give the rest of the band an idea of your musical vision. I am very impressed with the high quality sound of this unit!
Ease of Use:
I'm still learning new things about it. You must read the manual, more than once for me, Roland is so dry about their insructions, it's hard to fully grasp the creative possibilitys available to you with this unit by "Quickly reading" the manual. Once I understood how things work, this machine is almost easy to use, it keeps getting faster and better the more I practice :)
Durability....IMHO Roland/ Boss know what their doing! no problems yet after 4 months.