Jackson Professional

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description 24 fast frets , locking floyd. Tone monster with neck through body.The Pro Jackson humbucker in bridge position, middle & neck position are the Pro Jackson single coils. Clean or overdriven this guitar will never let you down.
Posted By David Ower (175)
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Member Reviews

On 8/30/2004, David Ower (175) posted:
Overall Rating:
Unfortunatlly,I don't believe this model is made any more.If guitar was stolen it would be hard to replace.
U.S. made.Mahogany neck.24 freted almighty 6 stringer.With active Pro Jackson humbucker in the bridge position & active Pro Jackson single coils in the middle & neck position.It has one main volume knob,with 2 seperate tone controls for a wide range of tonal possiblities. It's Ferri red strat body featuring a floating floyd rose locking tremelo.The Wammy bar that goes 2 octaves down & 1 full octave up.
This guitar has no weakness or flaws.The action is low & absolutly the best I've ever seen. All my guitars are set up by Jim Foote from Music Works in Redondo Beach Ca. If it can be fixed,tweeked,made or redone there is know one else on the planet I would take it too.
Sound Quality:
I slave thru a 73 Marshall head into a rockmod II pre-amp.I go thru the clean channel of the Marshall head.The rockmod pre-amp then becomes the main tone.Three different tone settings via foot switch. Clean overdriven and overdriven II.Live I will a/b switch my 67 Fender twin Reverb which as ya'all know takes my sound quality over the top.From the hardest driven metal to the cleanest blues or jazz.On yeah! I also run thru a Alesis quadraverb, a BBE sonic maxamizer 411 & Rocktron hush II rackmounts.Then I throw in my cry baby wah pedal & stand back, because I' taking no prisoners.
I use it live at Church. To record. I use it for every possible situation.I bought the guitar in 89 at Guitar center.Brought it to Jim foote who set it up.It has not needed anything since.Of course I've had strap locks put on it.I also played the LA/Hollywood scene with a my band Labyrinth with the guitar from 89-93.This Guitar is as cherry as the day I bought it. I still play at the very least a 1/2 hr a day