by Alan Jackson


Description Alan Jackson's 2002 release is an awesome CD with excellent music that clearly comes from the heart, including the powerful Where Were You song.
Posted By John Myers (8868)
Directory Recordings: Country
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On 1/19/2002, John Myers (8868) posted:
Overall Rating:
Alan Jackson is one of the best acts in country today, and this CD alone would be enough to justify it. Twelve songs tell it like it is; a style that is Alan Jackson's in a nutshell. Nine out of the twelve songs were penned by Jackson himself. And then there's "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)". All I can say, if I had to totally devote myself for 40 years just to write a song half as good as that one, it would be a worthwhile effort. And there is the excellent musicianship on the album that has always been present in Alan Jackson's material that is clearly traditional country with a breath of fresh air.