Custom Sound 700 Series

75W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Custom Sound

Description 2x12 Transistor(Solid State) Combo. Overdrive, and clean. Headphone socket. Aux OutPuts.
Posted By Michael Carter (1094)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/19/2002, Michael Carter (1094) posted:
Overall Rating:
The bottom line is, if this wasnt the burgain it was, i wouldnt have brought it. It's amazing for what i paid, but If i broght it new, I would be dissapointed.
Price: $100.00 GBP
Where Obtained: Second Hand - (Ad Pages)
4 Channels, Unfortunatle you have to plug into each seperate channel. The Channels go -(clean only)High - Low(clean or Overdrive) Normal - Bright. Gain, Overtone,Bass,Mid Low, Mid High,Treble,Reverb,Precence, And Master Volume controls. Top Handle(Very hard to pick up from!)and two side slot handles(easier to carry). Very heavy!(for me anyway!) Solid state. I was told I has 75 watts, which is loud when I need it. Its Not unusably Loud, I use it as a practice amp aswell. The reverb is propper sping reverb.
Sound Quality:
I use The 700 like so - Squier Strat --->Zoom 505--->Marshall Guv'nor--->Amp. The raw clean sound is a little harsh, but put the reverb on, it quite nice. I basiaclly play every style know(jack of all trades, master of none!), I have to say, I rely on effects to do most of the work tonally. If i'm playing Guitar straight in, the amp is suitable for rock and blues. The overedrive is a little tame and unresponsive. It's clean a high volumes, which is good for me. This amp is big, and has a nice bassy feel.
Ease of Use:
Reasonable to use. Controls guve a wide range of tones.
Looks Sturdy enough. But we'll see. The construction is good. I can stand on it, to open windows and stuff, and it feels safe.