Marshall Jcm 25/50

100W Head (4 x 4")

Made by Marshall

Description Jubilee series 25th anniversary head. It is grey in colour and a silver face plate. It is 100watts but can be split to 50. The model is 2555.
Posted By Scott Te Paa (11)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 1/3/2002, Scott Te Paa (11) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at some new valvestate heads but at the end of the day you can get close to REAL valve sound but technology is still a bit away from from the warmth and character of valves
Model Year: 1987
Price: $800.00 Australian
Where Obtained: private
It has presence, 3 band eq (shared), Output master (pullchannel), Lead master and Input gain (pull rythym clip). It has an fx loop, d.i., and f/switch on back panel. Its run on 4 valves and sounds great. I run it through a jcm 800 box with 4x12 celestions but I have had it re-wired in stereo.
Sound Quality:
I use a Yamaha pacifica 112 which I have put seymour duncan p/ups on, I also use a Samick 335 copy with jazz emg`s and a Fernandes Les paul copy. Like all Marshalls its mainly suited to rock but I am running a Korg ax1000g through it and it has greatly incresed the various tones I can acheive. The fx unit seems to sound better straight in as opossed to through the fx loop which seems a bit strange to me.
Ease of Use:
It is very basic, you are basically attempting to get a nice clean sound, which is hard when you only have a shared eq and input gain. If you acheive a nice clean sound you tend to lose a bit of grunt on the overdrive channel.
The good thing about the head is that is was built back when Marshall gave a damn about how well their amps were built. I have friends who have bought more recent gear and have had a lot of trouble with fuses and capacitors. They just don`t seem to be as solid as mine either, different type of wood I suppose.