Pink Moon

by Nick Drake


Personnel Nick Drake: Vocals, lyrics, accuistic guitar, piano.
Description A very dark album that just features Nick on guitar and vocals, a very real album with very good tunes coming out of it.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 12/30/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Nick died of a drug overdose after this album. Sadly enough, this would be his last album. It's sad especially after you hear the title track, which is the first track, Pink Moon, it was used on a Volkswagon commercial thirty years after it's original release, and sparked interest in a whole new generation, much of what Pink Floyd and The Greatful Dead have done. Nick never gained as much fame of though, but his talent proves that he could have been alongside them nonetheless. His guitar playing is deep and gentle, the same goes with his soft, fragile and sometimes distorted voice, all coming together very precise and coinciding very well to create a small orchestra of perfect music. His lyrics are very good too, they don't give away too much and take a while to understand at times, at the same time you smile and enjoy the entire experience. Nick sure knew what he was doing. Throughout the entire album it is just him and his guitar, singing his lyrics, and at times playing a piano, only briefly in the song Pink Moon. Nick plays both instruments extremely well, and sure has that word 'Talent' swimming around somewhere in that lost abyss he dove himself in. Not only is that song great, but the entire album is the same way. Although all the songs surely are Nick songs and have his label on them, they never sound the same but yet they do, they all deal with loosing yourself to something and trying to find another path to walk on. Take the beginning four sentences to the song 'Parasite' for example: "Lifting the mask from a local clown, Feeling down like him, seeing the light in a station bar, and travelling far in sin". His lyrics are very distinctive and eclectic, just the way they should be.

1. Pink Moon 2. Place To Be 3. Road 4. Which Will 5. Horn 6. Things Behind The Sun 7. Know 8. Parasite 9. Ride 10. Harvest Breed 11. From The Morning

These songs are a mix of dark sorrow and light hope, blending the two at times and then going on to other emotions. This album sure could be enjoyed by anyone who want to remenice their past, feeling down in the dumps, or have been there. This album is a bit complex, but yet easy to listen to since it's just guitar and vocals, something very simple but yet not a whole lot of musicians follow this kind of idea, thinking it wont sell albums maybe? Who knows. This album, maybe a one of a kind because of that, has lasted four generations in a kind of infamous way, until that commercial sparked a little light and brought it to a whole new generation that was in need of something real. Nick's music was missed, and still is. He has influenced thousands of musicians from past and present, and hopefully will continue it. This album sure is a must have.